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Hamilton, Toronto & North Bay, Ontario
Confined Spaces

Enclosed spaces not intended for continuous human habitation defines “Confined Spaces”. Our crews are are trained and certified for work in all situations where this comes into play.

Containment Blasting

Keeping media drift to a minimum with purpose built blast houses and negative air systems just to start.


Wet abrasive blasting system used for delicate surfaces, and environments in which dust is a concern.

Lead Paint Abatement

We are experts in the removal of lead paint using both chemical and mechanical processes.

Historic Restoration

Specializing in “Built Heritage” sites and we are a founding member of the Historic Facade Restoration Guild.

Soda Blasting

We offer blasting using a blend of nepheline syenite and sodium bicarbonate to remove fire residue etc. and blend to suit your job needs.

Laser Blasting

Coming Soon…

The Blasting crew

Walter Raybould
Walter Raybould
Founder and CEO
Michael Geier
Michael Geier
Foreman and COM
Ian  MacDonald
Ian MacDonald
Foreman and asst COM
The rest of our crew!
The rest of our crew!
Working hard

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Two locations in Hamilton and North Bay, Ontario
Our Mission

Mobile sandblasting services for commercial and industrial applications and emergency services to the insurance industry. We specialize in historic restoration using the wet abrasive GEOBLASTER® System.


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