What is a confined space?
The Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety or CCOHS outlines a “Confined Space” as the following;
Generally speaking, a confined space is a fully or partially enclosed space that:

  • Is not primarily designed or intended for continuous human occupancy
  • Has limited or restricted entrance or exit, or a configuration that can complicate first aid, rescue, evacuation, or other emergency response activities
  • Can represent a risk for the health and safety of anyone who enters, due to one or more of the following factors:
    • Its design, construction, location or atmosphere
    • The materials or substances in it
    • Work activities being carried out in it, or
    • The mechanical, process and safety hazards present

Confined spaces can be found in almost any workplace. Confined spaces can be below or above ground. A confined space, despite its name, is not necessarily small.
Examples of confined spaces include: silos, vats, hoppers, utility vaults, tanks, water supply towers, sewers, pipes, access shafts, truck or rail tank cars, aircraft wings, boilers, manholes, pump stations, digesters, manure pits and storage bins. Ditches, wells, and trenches may also be a confined space when access or egress is limited (but they still have “blue sky” above). Barges, shipping containers and fish holds are also considered as possible confined spaces.

The Absolute Blast Advantage
When working within a confined space, safety is our top priority, as we at Absolute Blast understand the many risks that come with such a dangerous operation. That is why here at Absolute Blast we make sure that all of our skilled team members are not only fully trained and licensed, but equipped with our full array of protective equipment. Our operators are able to safely access and blast these hard to reach and dangerous areas such as:
Silos, vats, shipping containers, water tanks, etc.
These well equipped and well trained operators are our keys to success, and gives our customers the Absolute Blast advantage.
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