What is Containment Blasting?
Uncontained emissions and debris from abrasive blasting operations, such as paint, coatings, paint chips, primers, and other sources can not only be toxic but lethal to aquatic life, it can leach into the soil and be taken up by plants, it can bioaccumulate up the food chain and ultimately effect humans. The goal of containment is to prevent blast emissions and debris from leaving the worksite, where they can be effectively collected for disposal.

The Absolute Blast Containment!
As fellow protectors of our environment Absolute Blast does it’s best to contain any work site emissions that come from a result of our Dry or Wet Abrasive systems. There is a multitude of ways our teams help in this containment process;
One way is with ground containment, which is our basic but most effective form containment. This could either be a purpose-built blast house, a the sealing of a room using specialized multi-layered tarps or a constructed tent or tent like structures using said tarps. All of these ground containment options help keep large amounts of worksite emissions from escaping into our environment.

Another way our teams help in keeping worksites emissions down is with the use of our knowledge in negative air containment. Negative air containment keeps media drift from escaping by circulating the air continuously inside the worksite of a ground containment area, this is accomplished by specialized filtered fans. This process of negative air containment helps improve the containment of airborne emissions greatly.

Finally we have our Wet Abrasive Systems, the forefront on protecting our environment form harmful worksite emissions. The main advantage of our wet abrasive systems over our dry systems is the reduced requirement for containment, this is due to the fact that emissions and debris are encapsulated and weighed down by water.
All of these containment options allows our Absolute Blast crew highly adaptable to any situation, and ready to help contain worksite emissions to the best of our abilities.
To learn more about our wet abrasive systems, please visit our Wet Abrasive Blasting page.