With Absolute Care!
As a founding member of the Historic Façade Restoration Guild, we are proponents of the saving and restoration of our built heritage. We at Absolute Blast pride ourselves at providing safe and reliable operations when dealing with historical site or building, we along with our crew know to treat each historic site with the respect it properly deserves.

Historical Sites in question:
– Historical/Older Buildings
– Museums
– Decorative Arches
– Limestone
– Wooden Structures
– And Many more

Absolute Blast’s ability to provide our excellent historic restoration services is all due to our Wet Abrasive System and our skilled crews. With this unstoppable duo we here at Absolute Blast are able to deal with almost any challenge in the field of Historic Restorations. Our Wet Abrasive System is much faster than other types of soft cleaning involving stone and brick, it is especially effective on large projects. Each of our skilled operators are well versed in Wet Abrasive System technique, which have proven to be a safe, effective, and efficient tools for the restoration of historic buildings.
To learn more about our Historic Restoration services or to book our services please call 905-971-7863 or Email Us!