Is Lead Paint Dangerous?
Lead (known as Pb on the periodic table of elements) is a naturally occurring element found in rock and soil. It was once used extensively in a wide variety of products, which includes interior and exterior paints in industrial, governmental, institutional and commercial buildings. If untreated, the paint in old buildings will produce paint chips and lead dust.

The most common ways people are exposed to lead is through drinking contaminated water, inhaling lead particles in the air or ingesting lead dust or flakes, especially in the form of lead-based paint. When old paint deteriorates or is disturbed through other means like strong winds, demolition, or other vibrations lead dust or flakes are easily released into the air and collected on interior surfaces. Lead can also make their way into the soil this way, polluting it and making it hazard to anyone how has contact with it.

Lead is a toxic metal that can cause significant health issues, mental illness or even death when ingested or inhaled. Because of the serious consequences of lead exposure, many laws have been enacted to address lead contamination.

The Absolute Blast Plan
At Absolute Blast we take lead paint abatement/removal very seriously, as everyone’s safety is our top priority. We make sure that our teams follow proper safety precautions, as well as the teams we work with. Our team leads make sure that everyone is aware of the dangers of lead paint removal operations and that everyone knows not only the procedures of the removal but emergency procedures as well.

We at Absolute Blast have new neutralizing strippers have turned lead paint removal on its head and our professionally licensed crews(Class/Type 1, 2 & 3 Lead Operations) have become leaders in removing lead paint with these. Plus, with our new and innovative Wet Abrasive System, with its containment features and low media use it makes short work of lead paint while following proper protocols. This mean huge cost savings for our customers. Also, we are leaders in standard lead containment blasting methods and the safety precautions involved to suit the situation.
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