Absolute Blast on the waters!
As fellow maritime enjoyers we at Absolute Blast want to provide the best possible service to those out on the waves. When it comes to abrasive blasting maritime ships, from personal scooters to large cargo freighters we at Absolute Blast pride ourselves on our service and flexibility.
Our wet abrasive systems allow our highly skilled crews to work effectively without need for heavy containment, even when right along the water. These new and advance wet abrasive systems are the leaders in ecological blasting safety, making it the best choice for our company to help protect the marine environment we’ll be working so close to.

Our skilled operators are also able to use their training to make sure no place it out of reach, whether that is the side of the hull or in deep within the vessel itself. Each of our team members are trained in Arial Work Platforms[AWP/MEWP], Working At Heights, and even Confined Space Entry.

Our marine & riparian services:
– Paint & Rust Removal
– Metal Restoration & Stripping
– Fire Restoration
– Graffiti Removal
– And More!

For additional information concerning our Marine & Riparian services or to book our services please call 905.971.7863 or Email Us!