The Absolute Blast plan!
Turbine blasting is a specialized blasting procedure, and we at Absolute Blast take it very seriously. The work is done in the confinement of a tent or other sealed area equipped with our negative air system, providing a dust free environment. This system protects the surrounding area and equipment from any contamination. It also allows work to continue in adjacent areas in feed be. We do are absolute best to blast in a fully contained environment.

Removing scale and deposits from the turbine components by means of dry or wet blasting, prepares the unit for non-destructive testing purposes and allows the turbine to return to optimum efficiency. Our mobile and on-site services are performed on the turbine deck by a team of our full trained and certified operators, eliminating the expense of shipping the components off-site or to the manufacturer, providing savings to our customers.

Absolute Blast has preformed turbine cleaning services at fossil-fuel power plants, mines, and many more locations. Our teams are no strangers to confined spaces or working at heights. These skilled crews are Absolute Blast’s keys to a successful operation. They understand the specialized blasting procedure that turbine blasting requires and are armed with the knowledge and equipment to achieve any operation, effectively, efficiently, and most importantly safely.