Why use Wet Abrasive Blasting?
Unlike our dust based systems, which require careful containment as they produce heavy amounts of dust based emissions, this new and advanced form of blasting uses a water slurry mixture to help weigh down blasting dust clouds to a great degree. Debris such as lead paint, coal or silica dust, and even ore slag can be lethal to those exposed to them at great volumes. It is because of these risks that OSHA has mandated that our operators help reduce and control any blast based emissions.
A main benefit of wet abrasive blasting is that due to its unique way of handling blasting emissions normal ground containment can be kept at a minimum. Allowing our operators to work in closer proximity to more sensitive areas such as roads, residential and multi-commercial areas without risking coating the surrounding area in dust.

The Absolute Blast Operation!
Here at Absolute Blast our operators and crews have been using this new and advanced form of blasting for years, learning the ins and outs to bring you the best serve possible.
It is with these well trained and skilled teams that we are able to bring the latest in blasting technology to the worksite of your choice, whether it is commercial, industrial, institutional, or even residential.

Our wet abrasive systems infinitely regulate water pressure, giving our operators the choice of soft or hard abrasive materials to offer a minimal or an aggressive impact as desired. The minimal media that it produces means little cleanup, and more money saved for our customer.
Wet abrasive blasting is by far much more ecological safer and a greener procedure then the next leading dust abrasive systems.
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